YAS 2018

The fourth edition of the Young Algaeneers Symposium (YAS 2018) is a symposium designed and organised by young scientists for young scientists, addressing all aspects of algal (both micro and macro) research and technology.  Masters and PhD students, as well as early-stage Post-Docs working on microalgae (cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae) and seaweeds are encouraged to participate and contribute to YAS2018 and further develop the growing young algal researcher network.  Young Algaeneers from the private sector are welcome to apply too! This year, our event will be hosted by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS, Oban from May 16th to 18th) as part of the joint event Algal Research for Policy-Making and Biotech (ARPMB).

YAS 2018 – Scientific program

Our 2.5 days conference provides the opportunity to present long talks, flash talks and posters and includes both scientific and networking sessions. We will rely on the content of the abstracts submitted to refine the final program which will be presented on SAMS-ARPMB website. Covered topics will be divided in three sessions:

  • Microbial communities associated to algae cultivation Cultivation techniques with emphasis in the role of associated microorganisms to optimize algae production
  • Algae processing: from cells to products Scaling-up algae cultivation and all steps during algae conversion into products
  • Algae applications Applicability of algae for human benefit

Apart from the three sessions we will have exciting activities to maximize the networking among the algaeneers!

  • Algaeneers speed dating: During the first day you will have the chance to introduce your current research to the rest of participants in a very special way.
  • Tackling Algal Gaps: We will allocate brainstorming sessions in order to identify current challenges of algal research and how to overcome them. This will be done in small groups and each of them will have the chance to present the main conclusions to the rest of participants. 

Previous edition

The organization of YAS2016 was a great success. More than 90 young algaeneers coming from 21 different countries met in Malta during April 2016. You can check more details here:

Register and submit your abstract

You would have the chance to register for YAS or buy an attractive Conference package that will give you access to the ALFF Conference too.

In any case, all attendants will have free access to parallel events organized by GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macro-ALGal biorefinery (GENIALG) and GlobalSeaweedSTAR. 

You will find further information about registration and abstract submission in this link .

When you submit the abstract you will be asked to select in which event you would like to participate. Please select the YAS 2018 option. Abstracts will be classified by YAS and final selection will be announced on April 20th.

Abstract submission deadline is April 13th.

New abstract submission deadline: April 20th

We expect abstracts with following requirements:

  • Max. word count is 350 words including:
    • Title
    • Authors Names  (presenting authors name in bold and underlined)
    • Author’s affiliations
    • Main text
  • If literature is cited, please provide the shortened IEEE citation style within the text (i.e. [1]) as well as the following for the bibliography at the end of the document:
    1. First Author Name (Year) Journal, Volume (Issue).

Further information

For more information about: registration fees, abstract submission, travel information, accommodations, social event and more details on the joint event, click here!

The British Phycological Society (BPS)

Are you already a member of the BPS? Don’t miss possible funding opportunities!

If you are not a member yet, check out all the benefits of becoming one in their website.


Thanks to our sponsors, we are glad to offer prizes of different categories:

  • The BPS award which will cover your travel expenses from your city of origin to Oban and the way back.
  • The EABA award which will cover your registration fee to the conference package

If you are interested to apply to these awards, please send an e-mail to javier.giraldo@proviron.com and miriam.bernard@sb-roscoff.fr with your updated CV and a cover letter motivating the impact of your research and (if possible) stating how your current research contributes to the development of novel algae applications/products.

Every applicant should have an abstract submitted and the registration paid at the moment. It is only possible to apply to one of the awards. The application deadline is April 27th.

The resolution will be announced the first week of May and the awarded algaeneers will be invited to give a keynote talk. Prizes will be awarded after YAS.

We also want to mention that there will be prizes for best poster and best flash talk! More information regarding to these prizes will be announced on the first day of the event.

We want to thank the British Phycological Society (BPS) and the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) for their kind support to YAS. Don’t forget to check their activities on their website!

Contact form

For any further questions, please contact the YAS Organizing team via this form.

Participating Organizations and sponsors

Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS)

Bantry Marine Research Station (BMRS)

European Algae Biomass Association (EABA)

The British Phycological Society (BPS)

International Society for Applied Phycology (ISAP)