ALFF PhD Projects

 ALFF is a €3.7M Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the Horizon 2020 (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under REA grant agreement number 642575. It brings together 10 partners from 6 different European countries and will train 14 young researchers to doctoral level based in the following projects:

Project 1: Towards controlling chytrid pathogens in industrial cultures of Haematococcus sp

Project 2: Bacteria as adverse modulators of signal molecules from benthic diatoms

Project 3: Do phytoplankton parasites affect marine water quality? A pioneering investigation with a focus on a dominant toxin-producing diatom

Project 4: Defence and resistance against endophytic pathogens in the brown macroalga Saccharina latissima

Project 5: Functional and Evolutionary aspects of novel Rickettsia-related endosymbionts of eustigmatophyte algae

Project 6: Functional diversity of endosymbiotic bacterial communities in marine green algae

Project 7: Inter-Kingdom cross talk via quorum sensing compounds in bacteria-diatom biofilms

Project 8: Signalling and constitutive compounds of biofilms as targets to prophylaxis/remediation of bio-fouling during cultivation of planktonic microalgae in a closed photobioreactor system

Project 9: Characterization of the role of bacteria on photo-trophic bio-film formation

Project 10: The influence of bacteria on the adaptation to changing environments in Ectocarpus: a systems biology approach

Project 11: Growth and morphogenesis of Ulva mutabilis in a changing bacterial environment

Project 12: Marinobacter as an algal panacea

Project 14: Development of an online algal system biology platform that integrates diverse omics data

Project 15: Genome-wide gene analysis in Eurychasma (oomycete) and Ectocarpus (brown alga) to decipher algal host-pathogen interaction