A range of outreach and public engagement activities aimed at informing the general public, businesses, educators and policy-makers have been developed partnership with  the Marine Flanders Institute (VLIZ) and the Ocean Explorer Centre at SAMS.

In 2016, VLIZ worked with first year multimedia technology students at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool to produce short animation videos about ALFF. The videos, which were showcased one evening in January 2016 at UGC cinemas in Antwerp, explain the concepts of parasitism, symbiosis, biofilms and endosymbiosis between bacteria and algae. The videos have been evaluated by a jury of staff from Karel de Grote Hogeschool and ranked – the top-20 animation videos are available via this link: http://animation.multimediatechnology.be/site/science_winners

In 2017, the concept was refined and professionally edited movies were produced: