Course 1: Algal Cultivation: From the Field to the Lab

Course Programme: alff-roscoff-workshop-final

Our first ALFF course, scheduled immediately after the appointment of all researchers, was based on an introduction to field work and lab-based activities. Co-organised by Dr Akira Peters of Bezhin Rosko and CNRS, the course aimed to give researchers basic microbiology skills to help start their research project. As series of lectures designed to augment an understanding of ALFF’s vision, covered subjects such as Pathogens of Algae, Introduction to the Endosymbiotic origins of Eukaryotic Algae, Axenization and Axenic Cultivation of Macroalgae, and Next Generation Sequencing and Microbiome Analyses.

Each researcher produced a 3 minute outreach movie about their research project which has been used by VLIZ and 1st year art students of the Karl de Grote Hogeschool as a basis on which to produce their outreach animations – see our page on Outreach

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