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Details of various events and updates on ALFF can be found below:


Regular, specialised courses are run for ALFF researchers – usually on a 6-monthly basis – at the various universities and research centres of the Consortium. These courses, organised by leading experts in their respective scientific field, bring all researchers together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The courses cover specialized and high relevant areas such as algal culturing, systems biology and bioinformatics, regulatory water quality monitoring, and the study of symbiotic interactions with metabolomics.

The first ALFF course included an introduction to field work and microbiology practices, in order to equip our new researchers with the skills base required to start their research project. Further details of this course are available here

The second ALFF course focussed on business skills – a two-day theoretical background was delivered by Anabela Carvalho and Dr Helena Vieira, lecturer at the School of Sciences at the University of Lisboa and Executive Director of BLUEBIO ALLIANCE, a national network comprising all subsectors of the marine bio-resources value chain in Portugal. Guest speakers were invited to present a variety of companies and business models associated to algal cultivation and biotechnology. Finally, the course culminated with the students being requested to elaborate a business idea and give a “Dragon’s Den” presentation to a panel of potential investors. Further details of this course are available here

The third ALFF course was organised by FSU and was more academically-oriented, aimed at equiping all researchers with cutting-edge skills in metabolomics.  Two full days were spent with the researchers who gave an in-depth presentation of their work to date. Further details of this course are available here

The next ALFF course will take place in early July 2017 and will be organised jointly by Appl. Maths, VIB and UGent. This course will focus on bioinformatics skills. As researchers progress with their PhD and specialise in their chosen fields, we shall also increasingly tailor the course and type of mentoring to their individual needs.

Places on these courses are sometimes open to other research/PhD students – information on our next courses will be available here.