Tatiana Yurchenko

Originally from Zaporizhia in the Ukraine, Tatiana completed a MSc degree in Mathematics and Informatics at Moscow State University. The title of her thesis was ‘Measurement System for Chemical Substances Classification with Genetic Algorithm’. Since completing this degree, Tatiana has spent a number of years in America working in the computer science industry as a senior software engineer, developer and project manager, combining this with her passion for teaching maths, physics, chemistry and biology.

Tatiana has been appointed to project 5 where the aim of her research is to achieve a detailed understanding of the evolutionary origins and nature of the association between Candidatus Phycorickettsia and eustigmatophyte hosts, as well as practical knowledge for large-scale cultivation of eustigmatophyte algae in biotechnologies. Tatiana is based at the University of Ostrava, under the supervision of Dr Marek Elias, and to complete her research successfully, she will also collaborate with Ecofuel Laboratories, the Algoteca de Coimbra, VIB and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Tatiana can be contacted at:

E: tanya.yurchenko@gmail.com
University of Ostrava
Stravskká univerzita v Ostravě
Dvorakova 7
701 03 Ostrava
Czech Republic

Here is a short video introduction to Tatiana’s work as part of the ALFF project: