Noreen Hiegle

Noreen Hiegle has been appointed to Project 1 which is based at A4F – Algae for Future. Her research is supervised by Dr Tiago Guerra.

Hailingnoreen-hiegle from Neustadt an der Weinstrabe in Germany, Noreen started her research at A4F in August 2015, after completing a laboratory internship at Algenuity. Noreen has a strong academic background in the research of algae in industrial environments: the title of her MSc degree thesis was the ‘Development of Tools for Genetic Manipulation of Industry Relevant Algae’, which she completed in July 2014 at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany). She completed her final year research project at Saul Purton’s Lab – Algal Biotechnology – at University College London. Here, she acquired direct experience in molecular biology, microbiology as well as in-vitro techniques while also establishing a novel transformation method for Chlorella sorokiniana based on the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens. In addition to her scientific studies, Noreen has a degree in teaching Fine Arts and Biology at secondary school level and these studies have given her the opportunity to present her work at exhibitions.

Noreen can be contacted at:

T: +351 218 072 499
A4F Lisboa
Estrada do Paco do Lumiar
Campus do Lumiar, Ed. E-R/C
1649-038 Lisbon, Portugal

Here is a short video introduction to Noreen’s work as part of the ALFF project: