Lachlan Dow

Lachlan Dow has been appointed to project 9 which is based at the University of Konstanz. His research is supervised by Professor Peter Kroth. Originally from Canberra, Australia, Lachlan started his research at Konstanz in August 2015, after completing his Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the Australian National University (ANU). He completed majors in chemistry and biology, and was based at the Research School of Biology (Plant Sciences Division) whilst completing his honours research project. As part of this project, Lachlan developed a method of synthesising a biologically caged form of the phytohormone cytokinin, and uncaging the hormone not only in vivo but in single cell via multiphoton confocal  microscopy. During 2014, Lachlan was also employed as a technical officer in the Whitney laboratory where his work led him to study the biochemistry of the Rubisco enzyme in red algae.

Outside of the laboratory, Lachlan is an avid orienteer, long distance runner and hiker, and lachlan-dowloves to spend his free time outdoors. His accomplishments as an orienteer have taken him around the world, representing Australia on several occasions, including as a member of the Australian relay team which was placed 17th in an event in Italy in 2014.

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Here is a short video introduction to Lachlan’s work as part of the ALFF project: