Javier Giraldo

Originally from Spain and of Spanish nationality, Javier obtained his MSc degree in javierBiotechnology from Wageningen UR in the Netherlands where he was able to gain, through use of bioprocess engineering facilities including AlgaePARC, substantial knowledge of the importance of microalgae for industrial applications. His thesis examined the effect of salinity on flocculation of marine microalgae. Based on this work, he co-authored a publication in the Journal of Biotechnology entitled ‘Understanding the salinity effect on cationic polymers in inducing flocculation of the microalga Neochloris oleoabundans’. Javier also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Javier has been appointed to project 8, an industry-based PhD at Proviron in Belgium. His research is supervised by Dr Luc Roef. Through his work at Proviron, Javier will aim to understand the mechanisms behind biofilm formation in a closed photobioreactor system and design a biofilm prevention strategy. This will be based on the identification and selection of adequate microbial communities and the identification of signal molecules that induces biofilm formation in order to find how to tackle them and destabilize early stage biofilms.

Here is a short video introduction to Javier’s work as part of the ALFF project:


Javier can be contacted at:

Email: javier.giraldo@proviron.com

Stationstraat 123,

8400 Oostende,


T: + 32 59 553 800

F: + 32 59 553 801