The ALFF Scientific Team

Our lead scientists have an impressive track record in research. Each one has responsibility for supervising an ALFF student with their field of expertise tailored to the relevant PhD project.

Dr Claire Gachon, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Professor Dr Georg Pohnert, Friedrich Schiller University

Dr Thomas Wichard, Friedrich Schiller University

Professor Peter Kroth, University of Konstanz

Dr David Green, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Dr Marek Elias, University of Ostrava

Dr Catherine Leblanc, CNRS ā€“ Station Biologique de Roscoff

Dr Tiago Guerra, A4F ā€“ Algae for Future

Professor Wim Vyverman, University of Ghent

Professor Olivier De Clerck, University of Ghent

Professor Yves van de Peer, VIB

Dr Lieven Sterck, VIB

Dr Luc Roef, Proviron

Koen Janssens, Applied Maths